Thursday, October 6, 2011


Will the bean grow better if you pour sugar mixed water in the bean?

Background Knowledge

We already know that when we pour water in the bean it will grow, but we don't know about the sugar mixed water.

I think that the one with water will grow better than the one with sugar mixed water.

Your materials are two beans, two 2oz cups, water, sugar, scale, and a graduated cylinder.

Step 1:Gather all materials
Step 2:Set the 2 cups on a paper towel and on a table near a window so it'll get the sunlight.
Step 3:Put fertilizers in the cups and stop half way.
Step 4:Drop one bean into each of the cups.
Step 5:Fill the rest of the cup with fertilizers.
Step 6:Pour 47.4g wit 1 t spoon of sugar and water in one cup and 47.4g of not mixed sugar in the other cup. You will do this everyday until the experiment is done.
Step 7:Make sure you measure the water with the cylinder.
Step 8:You will record all the days it will grow or not grow.  

Perform Experiment
Done it.

Collect Data
Done it.

Draw Conclusion
The plant with water and sugar did not grow at all, but the plant with just water grew.

Question To Extend The Experiment

What do you think would happen if I water the plant with a different type of liquid?


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