Friday, October 21, 2011

Scary story

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   Once upon a time there was a high school-er named Yengshi Xiong and his three friends named Cesar Santillan, Alex Hornandez, and Karla Sandoval. They went driving around, but a couple hours later they got lost in a dirt road at night with no service. They were driving and then they see an old  wooden cabin. 

   Right when they drove in front of it they hear a screechy like sound and then past it. They stopped and Cesar said, what was that? ? ?Yengshi  reversed the car to see if they will hear that sound again. When he backed up to the front of the cabin. they heard the screechy sound again, when they checked their cellphones. They had service. So they stayed there to call there family members for like an hour, none of them answered the phone. Then they decided to follow the dirt road till they get to the end or reach something. They did reach a gas station and asked a guy for direction and he told them where did you guy's come from. So Cesar told him we are from Noel and we got lost in that dirt road in front of this gas station. The guy got scared and shook  a little. He told them did you see an old wooden cabin in that dirt road. Karla told him yes we did and we also heard this weird screechy sound when we drove right in front of the cabin. The guy got real scared and and told us that an old lady died in front of her house. People say that if you past that cabin you will hear this screechy sound and they also say that the screechy sound means she is looking at you from the   right side of your car.  


  1. Hi Yengshi!
    My name is Kristen and I'm currently in Dr. Stranges' EDM310 course at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I really enjoyed reading your "Scary Story"! It was extremely scary! I loved the suspense you added and how at the end you tied everything together! Keep up the great work!

  2. That is a scary good story i feel like i was there and that you put in there that she is looking at you from the right side of your car.

  3. Your story is very good and impressive but also very creepy!
    You should write more about it!(: